Helminthosporium gramineum

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helminthosporium gramineum

Investigaţii privind stabilirea eficienţei biologice a noilor fungicide utilizate în combaterea bolilor foliare la orzul de toamnă Bivol, Alexei; Bădărău, Sergiu; Iurcu-Străistaru, Elena; Sasanelli, Nicola; Bivol, Elisaveta; Grigorcea, Sofia Date: Abstract: This work presents the results of investigations in the frame state testing the products for phytosanitary use Lab 06—F, SE, Mirage 45 EC as fungicides on autumn barley crops during the period of vegetation of years.

It was established the ethyological component, grade of intensity and the frequency of the phytopathogenic agents in the period of vegetation helminthosporium gramineum autumn wheat and barley as they are: Erysiphe graminis f. On the base of the experimental results obtained the preparations tested had a high biological effiency in the combat of leaf diseases at autumn barley in critical phases of the periods of vegetation have been included in the integrate protection system Helminthosporium gramineum Affilation: A.

Bivol, S. Bădărău, E. Grigorcea, Univ.

helminthosporium gramineum